Mike Holsomback

Drawing  / Painting / Multimedia & Collage

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Collection of the City of Chattanooga, TN

M. Holsomback / "Untitled" / multimedia, collage, and assemblage 

My artwork has always been something akin to a visual parade of fleeting thoughts and emotions wrapped up in a web of time and place, of moment and memory. I construct with a varied vocabulary of abstraction and representation, of changing styles and techniques. Layers of variable process give birth to layers of association and inference, which then give rise to often odd subjective readings and interpretations. Even though the works are inherently narrative in nature, I often give up control over these narratives. The imagery is discovered and replaced and often reborn. Images come like flashes, and are thrown into a new world of color, mark and surface, often without full regard to their narrative implications. They are stories born of process and mood. They are eclectic, fragmented and ever-changing. Like a curious traveling sideshow, each work a fragment, a glimpse, a step toward a greater wisdom yet to be comprehended. 

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