Mike Holsomback M.F.A.

For me, my artwork has always been something akin to autonomous visual mythology. The works are inherently narrative in nature, but I give up control over these narratives early on in the process. The imagery, which I appropriate from the world around me, comes and goes. It is discovered and often replaced. The images come like flashes, and are thrown into a new world of color, mark and surface, often without significant conscious regard to their narrative implications.
 As I construct, using a vocabulary of abstraction, decoration and representation, layers of spontaneous association; juxtaposition and inference give rise to subjective readings and interpretations. They are stories born of process and visual play: eclectic, fragmented and often incomprehensible. They become a kind of subjective and interpretive “New Mythology”, suitable to “speak” to the pluralistic audience of the 21st century.